Bespoke Projects

This B8 Audi S4 with the DSG gearbox belongs to a close friend of the Valvetronic Designs family. This car was very beat when we first came across it after having been in a large accident and generally mistreated. We did our absolute best to fix the neglected issues and make the owner fall in love with his car again. Our build included ditching the Factory Peeler Wheels in favor of a set of Aodhan LS007 wheels and upgrading the suspension to Solowerks S1 Coilovers and with ECS Tunings drivetrain inserts, upgrading the chassis as well. To top it all off the car recieved a fully custom Valvetronic exhuast including a custom welded Xpipe and muffler bypass system using the factory tips. Still some more service work that needs adressing but soon this car will be back to being a beast!






The BMW X3 35i could be classified as the ideal daily driver. It is quick, comfortable, gets great gas mileage, and this one was picked up for less than 20,000$. The trouble is it doesn't have much charachter. At Valvetronic Designs we decided to change that. This build began with adressing some common issues of the N55 Engine, Including some minor oil leaks, belts and tentioners. After that the car recieved 5% tint all the way around and 40% on the windshield. Up next was to ditch the factory M sport wheels i favor of a set of HRE FF01 Wheels wrapped in Michelin pilot sport A/S 3 tires. To finish this build off and Bring back that charachter it was missing the car recieved a Catted Downpipe from our friends over at VRSF, and a Full Valvetroic exhaust complete with a remote to open and close in the car. This beast now goes from stock sound levels to wild at the touch of a button.